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On the itinerary to bring vegan Vietnamese food closer to diners, Cai Mam Bistro – Signature Vegan’s menu always has new changes, thanks to the selected fresh ingredients. So that every time they visit Cai Mam, diners will feel the unannounced excitement and new emotions when each dish is placed.
Chef of Cai Mam always keeps in mind that the best food is not only due to expert processing techniques, but also depends on ingredients selected from the freshest fruits and vegetables, at the ideal time of harvest. and achieve the highest nutritional value.
Inspired by ‘Five Elemental Combos’, the restaurant proudly offers 5 special combos with typical colors “Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth” to create interesting experiences for diners. Diners can freely choose the set menu that suits their destiny. Prices are reasonable at 199.000 vnđ for each combo.
Cai Mam is always considerate and loving, nurturing to bring a nutritious, reasonably priced vegan meal from the essence of heaven and earth, bringing flavors from strange to familiar.
With the aim of reaching the core values ​​and raising the bar for vegan dishes, each set in the “Five Elemental Combo” set will bring in its own unique color like a culinary trip to discover all the quintessence of the land S.

The first trip in the “ Five Elements Combo” series is “Set Metal”.

Distilled from the quintessence of the earth and the sky with nutritious ingredients with bold “the season would officially yours” with the ivory white color of the lotus root, accompanied by great uses for improving immune system function, body control, menstruation regulating blood pressure; cauliflower is rich in vitamin K, rich in antioxidants,…
Diners are aroused with a warm lotus seed ginkgo soup. Cai Mam offers a delicious meal with a lotus root sandwich filled with greasy fresh mushrooms, a little light from purple cabbage salad, and cauliflower mixed with sour apple cider vinegar sauce.
Create a source of emotions with a delicious multi – grain cake from lemongrass. A delightful ending with a sweet dessert prepared by Chef Cai Mam.

Together in the “ Five Elements Combo” collection but the “ Wood” combo tells a completely different story with cool green colors, each dish in the set (combo) will help diners feel full.

🥑 The beginning of this journey will be A light soup of “Fat Choy” with a combination of four kinds of fresh mushrooms, asparagus, baby corn, brown rice Pasta with “butterfly pea” & cashew nuts dressing, Leafy green salad with “Truffle vinegar” dressing. Avocado toasts. The journey in the “Wood” combo would not be really interesting without the sweet ending of the dessert tea specially Prepared by Chef Cai Mam.

The next stop in the itinerary to discover “Five Elements Combo” stops at the combo “Water” with the blue color of the sea.

Braised black beans, red beans with pumpkin. Quinoa salad with rocket, cucumber, celery, beetroot, and passion fruit dressing. Plant – based tacos. Seaweed and fresh mushroom soup. The journey in the “Water” combo would not be really interesting without the sweet ending of the dessert tea specially Prepared by Chef Cai Mam.
                                                                                  Cai Mam Bistro – Signature Vegan
09 Nha Tho, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Hotline: (+84) 367.908.008

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